Monday, February 21, 2011

Second Steps

Second Steps

The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Mark 1:1)

Who is “Jesus Christ, the Son of God?” Is he a human that God vested with the mantle of “Messiah” and charged with saving his people? Is he the divine and immortal son of an all powerful God?” Is he a human subject to the same temptations we all are? Is he a God impervious to sin’s temptations? Is he a man who fishes, eats and socializes? Is he a God who makes his points with miracles?

The bridge between that which is comprehendible and that which is incomprehendible is tenuous. Does the human element of Jesus Christ make it easier to comprehend the God element? Does being the Son of God give meaning to Jesus Christ the man?

All Man and All God

What is the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God?

 The God news is that Man and God-God and Man are joined.


  1. The Good News for my little brain to understand the Might God is that he sent His Son - literally part of Himself - to die on the Cross so that we might be righteous in His eyes. That is the Good News. As far as debating the exact spiritual existence of the GodHead. I am not equipped with the necessary functions to 'think outside the box' as it were. Though I will say that because he is both Man and God he knows all our troubles inside and out.

  2. Yes, God left the saftey of his heavenly domain and trespassed by entering the human domain of earth. The incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, paid the penalty for that trespass on the cross. The good news is that God's audacious act of trespassing makes it possible for God and human beings to be joined through the Holy Spirit.
    The point, however, of this exercise in methodically setting aside times during each day to inquire as to how I can serve God is to test God, to see the degree to which my human and imperfect self can be unified to God's perfect purpose of love. What will my life look like if I always say yes to God?